Welcome to Troop 364!

Welcome to BSA Troop 364’s website. We would like you to look around the website. We meet at 109 Weatherly Rd Huntsville, AL every Wednesday at 7:00 pm. We are very active in the community and do monthly activities. Keep checking this website for reports and information about upcoming events.

Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook at BSA Troop 364 Huntsville

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Waterfront Camp-out 2014

During these hot August days, we love to go play in the water. Swimming, tubing, and canoeing are just some of the things we love to do when it is hot outside. This weekend, our troop will get to do all of that and more! We will leave the church around 5:30 on Friday evening and get back on Sunday morning. If you want to be in on a weekend of fun, come join us!

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50th Anniversary Celebration

Troop 364’s 50th Anniversary Celebration went very well. Many past and present scouts and their families showed up, as well as other people. We would like to thank our mayor, Mr. Tommy Battle, and our District 5 Commissioner, Mr. Phil Riddick, for coming. Many memories were remembered as we honoring our troop and our Scoutmaster, Mr. Walt Whitacre, who founded and stayed with the troop all 50 years. Click on the link below to see an article about the event.

Scoutmaster Honored – Huntsville News | WAAYTV.com and ABC 31: News.

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50th Anniversary Celebration

> Troop 364 invites you to our 50th Anniversary Celebration. It will be on August 9, 2014, from 1 – 3 p.m.

> Mr. Walt Whitacre is still the scoutmaster after 50 years and he will be there, as well as other leaders who have helped him over the years.

> There will be a special memorial section for Mr. Gordon DeRamus, who passed away last December, Sam Reeves and Jim Bruce.

> The celebration will be held at Latham United Methodist Church in Huntsville, AL (109 Weatherly RD SE), as a drop-in ice cream social. There will be plenty of chances to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Please share this with people you know who have been part of this troop.

> If you have any questions or to let us know you would like to come please email Mr. Skoglund at graybeaver@knology.net.

> You can like us on Facebook at BSA Troop 364 Huntsville and click “going” to let others know many people will be there.

We hope to see you there!

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Philmont Trek

Have you ever been backpacking? Well, a group of our scouts just got home from an incredible backpacking experience. Philmont Scout Ranch (located in Cimarron, New Mexico) is one of three BSA high adventure bases. The other two are Sea Base (located in Florida) and Northern Tier (located in Minnesota).

The group left for Philmont on June 14, 2014, spent two weeks hiking in high elevations, and arrived back here yesterday (June 29, 2014). For more information about Philmont, visit their website at http://www.philmontscoutranch.org/philmont.aspx.

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Cooking Contest Results

Congratulations to the Buffalo Patrol for winning the Cooking Contest! Good job other patrols for the close placement!

All of the patrols cooked and served some very good meals that day. It was a very close call and the first and last place patrols were separated by only two points.

Excellent job patrols and we hope for another great contest next year!

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Patrol Cooking Contest

On June 7, 2014 our troop will have a patrol cooking contest. Patrols will arrive at Latham UMC at 9:00 am to start cooking, and will serve lunch at noon. For more information, see the attached below. Good luck patrols!

2014 Troop 364 Patrol Cooking Competition
Rules & Scoring Information

* Patrols must prepare a meal that contains:
main dish
side item(s)
The meal must be nutritiously well-rounded with at least one vegetable that is not a potato. Vegetarian meals are acceptable as long as there is protein provided by nuts, beans, or other sources.

* Menus must be approved by Mr. Chris Whitacre or Mr. Nick Skoglund no later than 5/28.

* Patrols are responsible for bringing everything they need to prepare and serve the food and drink (from stoves to pots to plates to utensils to cups). On the day of competition, the troop will provide water on site, tables for eating (not prep), and people to eat food. Everything else is up to the patrols.

* Troop trailer will be available during the troop meeting on 6/4 if there is anything you need from it. Each patrol must list all equipment they are borrowing from the troop trailer. That list will be used later to verify all borrowed items were returned.

* Patrols must bring all items they need to the competition when they arrive. No one is allowed to go run errands to fetch forgotten items or call/text/message someone to bring an item. If you forget something, you get to practice your improvisation skills.

* Patrols can do some prep work before showing up such as butchering or marinating some ingredients, but this should be minimized.

* Receipts for food items purchased must be submitted on Saturday morning during the cooking competition. There just MIGHT be a special award of a bag of money for the most frugal patrol.

* Patrols can start setting up at Latham at 9am. Lunch is to be ready to be served at noon. Points will be taken off if the judges must wait to receive their full meal.

* Each judge will score at least two patrols.

* One last scoring criteria will be whether or not the patrol returned all borrowed items by the start of the following troop meeting on June 11th. A partial score will be given if not all items are returned and a score of zero will be given if nothing has been returned by 7:15pm.

Scoring (points per criteria):
Served on Time (-1 for 1 min late, additional -1 for each 3 min late)
Receipt provided (1)
Meal proper temperature (3)
Food adequately cooked (3)
Promised menu items served? (5)
Taste (10)
Equipment Returned (3)

Total of 25 potential points awarded per judge.

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Calling all Cubs and Webelos for a Night at the Planetarium!

Campfire Star Gazing

Come to our troop meeting on March 19, 2014 for a night full of fun!

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Whitacre Farm 2014

Have you ever shot a shotgun or rifle? Our troop had plenty of chances to during the weekend of February 22 – 23, 2014. We left from the church that Saturday morning, and when we arrived at the farm around lunch time, we set up camp and ate lunch. Afterwards, we went target shooting for the rest of the afternoon until we had to cook dinner. Mr. Kirk Whitacre prepared delicious steaks and chicken for us, while we prepared the side dishes. After dinner, we made a campfire and sat around it until it died out. We then went to bed. When we woke up the next morning, we prepared breakfast, did more shooting, and packed up to go home around noon. We all had fun that weekend and want to do it again.

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Scout Sunday 2014

Sunday, February 9, 2014 was Scout Sunday. We ushered at both of Latham UMC’s church services that morning and updated the church on what our church did the past year. Mr. Chris Whitacre received an award at the second service for outstanding leadership and service.

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February 2014 TLT

On February 9, 2014, our troop held its semi-annual troop leadership training at Latham United Methodist Church. It started at 7:30 am and went to 8:00 pm. Three scouts served as cooks for the day and we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner there. It was a fun-filled day, with many leadership activities and team-building competitions.

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